March 7, 2011

Cafe Aramane

Cuisine- Multi cuisine (Vegetarian)

Location- Sayaji Rao Road, next to SBI

Café Aramane is a hot destination located amidst the hustle bustle of the famous shopping spot Devraj Urs Road and the connecting link to the city- the city bus stand. “Aramane” in Kannada translates to Palace in English, as the name suggests this restaurant has ancient royal interiors played down with simple and modest seating arrangements which make it a homely destination for many tourists and localities.  Its walls are adorned by paintings of the famous Mysore Dusshera procession. Its windows are artistically decorated.

From my innumerable visits to this place – all I have to say is, this place has never disappointed me, be it Chinese, North Indian or crispy yuuummm dosas with mouth watering chutneys. They also have a special dosa for every day of the week!!  The crispy vegetable noodles are also a very good option to look out for in their menu.

While you can be rest assured the main course is always going to taste good, the desserts though not a wide variety are enjoyable too. One thing you dare not give a miss here is the fruit salad with or without ice-cream. Luscious cuts fruits layered with sweet honey give it a very typical taste which makes it one of the must popular items on the menu.

The best part of the whole Café Aramane experience apart from the warm service is the modest rates. A meal for two inclusive of the desserts would cost about Rs.200. That’s it!

Mysore Foodies Rating

Food- 4.0 Buurps

Ambience- 3.75 Buurps

Price- 4.0 Buurps

Service- 4.0 Buurps

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