February 7, 2011

Jalpaan- dining saga!

Cuisine - Italian and Indian

Location- Landmark, JLB road, near Ramaswamy circle

As the name suggests, Jalpaan serves you everything from Jal to Paan i.e. from a good start of a meal to a grand end!  They serve North Indian and Italian food. 

It definitely makes a good vegetarian fine dining place with its classy and well designed decors. The service is commendable. At each stage there are people to guide you. I have always longed for such courtesies. Glad to finally see a place doing it right!

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We explored the food offerings in the lunch buffet with a wide spread- all @Rs.169/-  It started with Manchow soup that had crispy noodle strings dipped in it. We were particularly delighted to find the soup heated to the right temperature, just hot enough for it to taste good and not burn the tongue. The starters offered were Kababs, Hawaiian Salad, Fettuccine Pasta, Baked Alu, Papads, Kanda(Onion) pakodi chaat, Channa chaat and more! Ya.. we tasted everything and it tasted nearly perfect except for the Kababs which could have been little hotter. 

The main course included Palak Paneer, and "Milli Tilli".. a dish that tastes as interesting as it sounds. [:)] The vegetables were well cooked, neatly garnished and well presented.  In case you are the kind who likes  a little less masala in your Sabjis, Jalpaan offers perfect food! They had  tomato corn bhartha and  dal, both of which suit the tastes of people who like mild sweetness in their food. They actually asked us for our choice of Indian bread- Tandoori roti or Kulcha and Kulchas we opted for arrived hot. 

The rice offerings were Sabji Biriyani and Plain rice. Sabji Biriyani had a splendid blend of spices and vegetables. The spices were well balanced to go easy on the tummy. 

Here, one can opt to end the meal with curd rice or pamper that sweet tooth with an ice-cream and an Indian sweet. I opted for the Saboodana Kheer which tasted fine. I was so stuffed with the yum food that I had to let go the ice cream!

An  A' la carte meal for two would cost something close to Rs.500/-

So our final verdict- Jalpaan is a breath of fresh air with a great equation for food, ambiance and service!

Mysore Foodies Rating

Food - 4.25 Buurps

Price - 4.00 Buurps (Buffet)
         - 3.50 Buurps (A' la carte)

Ambiance- 4.00 Buurps

Service- 3.90 Buurps

PS: Don't forget to check out their elevator door when you visit the place. Creative!!

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