January 31, 2011


Cuisine - Andhra Style

Location - Sri Harsha Road, Mysore

They don’t have more than 40 items on their menu. They don’t have more than 20 tables in their restaurant. But they have more than 10 people waiting to find a table every single day, during lunch or dinner time!! An iconic restaurant of Mysore, the Andhra sensation and a blessing for the non vegetarians - RRR

 If you have dads or granddads who have frequented Mysore, ask them about non vegetarian restaurants here – I bet, the first restaurant they will talk about, is RRR. It has been around for many years and has done a fine job feeding the people of Mysore!

This review will not be a one - time account of the restaurant. It will be a review based on my collective experience of more than eight visits to this restaurant!

Walking in to this place, there is only ordinary interiors that one would notice. The place is small and accommodates about fifty people at a time.  Being an out-and-out Andhra restaurant, they serve the food on the banana leaf and have the chutney powder, the fried chillies and pickles on every Table.  For those of you who don’t know what the Chutney powder is – it is the powdered form of roasted daals with spices, used to make food spicy and tasty.  It is to be mixed with rice and savoured. A little ghee, the chutney powder and rice is a heavenly combination.  The fried chillies can again be combined with the rice and rasam or eaten raw, just to make it hot!

At RRR, vegetarians have limited options.  They, however, need not be disappointed because the veg. meal is splendid. It is the typical Andhra style meal. An unlimited amount of four different side dishes – curries and chutneys, rice, sambaar and rasam are served.  The other options for the veggies include biryani and noodles.  For a completely non vegetarian restaurant, the taste of these veg items are quite commendable.  

Now coming to the all important (atleast at RRR) non vegetarian dishes. The biryanis here are a must try. Although many places in Mysore give stiff competition to the RRR biryani, this still happens to be my favourite! The rice is flavoursome with well cooked chicken. Most Mysoreans are known to take ‘parcels’ of the chicken biryani from RRR. It marks the beginning of many of those all night parties!

 The chicken fry, chicken roast and chilli chicken are all a delight for the taste buds. Hot, spicy and luscious, these items can be your starters or become a part of your main course. The chilli chicken, however, can be slightly spicier. That’ll ensure all the Andhra guys give a thumbs up!  The sea food lovers can try the fish fry which is again very delicious.

 Of all the times I have been to this restaurant, the food has never disappointed me. One of the best things about this restaurant is the consistency with which the quality and taste is maintained. Also, the service here, is very quick. Sometimes I wish the waiters would smile a little more, but the speed with which they bring the food in, makes me forget all about it! Another delightful aspect of this place is the pricing. It guarantees a beam on my face at the end of the tasty dinner. Recently, the prices have been increased a little, but otherwise, a meal for two would cost approximately Rs. 200.

Many people avoid this place because of its size and the hustle, but if you do have the patience and the desire to taste some good Andhra food, go to RRR and I assure you, you will not be disappointed. Otherwise, take aways are always an option!

Mysore Foodies Ratings

Food – 3.75 buurps

Price – 3.5 buurps

Ambiance – 3 buurps

Service -  3.75 buurps

A warning that all of should heed (Especially the non Andhra crowd) – The food here is too hot to handle. Make sure you have trained your tongue enough before you walk in!!


  1. nice work..... it's really excited when we reading about the restaurants and the speciality......:)

  2. RRR is really a palce to visit in mysore one should visit this place and teste the food.

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  3. If you have nothing to do in mysore then please visit and please get ready to fight foryour seat. its one of the most nonsense place. never nevr gp here please.

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