January 24, 2011

Spicez Fusion!

Cuisine- Multi-Cuisine

Location-Hotel Roopa, 2724 C Bangalore-Nilgiri Road

The decorative mirrors and changing colours!
There was so much buzz about this new place- Spicez Fusion and few of our fans asked us to review the place.. so here you go the “Spicez Fusion” review  by the Mysore Foodies. By the way..I am Sam- the vegetarian foodie and Suma is the non-vegetarian foodie.

First thing first- You guys should know..this restaurant takes its name very seriously. It is THE place for spicy food!! We walked into the place and were amazed by what seemed like colourful crystal sheets. A moment and the colours on those decorative mirrors kept changing and all of us went … WOW!  The interiors are plush wooden classy brown and the tables are very neatly laid. The ambiance of the place is mesmerizing.  

Menu Snap Shot
We were quickly attended and a menu that said “Globe on platter” was handed over to us. Indochinese, Mexican, Thai, Indian… what not? The place had a reasonable number of dishes from all round the globe. The menu is well designed- with vegetarian food listed in green and non vegetarian food listed in red and description for all the food items.

I started with the tomato crème soup while Suma ordered the Tom Yum Soup which everybody seemed to be talking about! My soup was way too tangy. Little disappointed I looked at Suma who seemed lost in the zesty but tasty Tom Yum Soup- which was an excellent start for her dinner!

I ordered the peppered vegetables and Suma chose the Chicken Nuggets for starters.  Fifteen minutes later we witnessed what I would call food art! The Chicken nuggets could have been crispier but what the heck..we were too impressed by this….the presentation!

Food art!
 They say food is 30% how it’s presented. Spices Fusion definitely knows that!!

The peppered vegetables also tasted fine. The place boasted an interesting a long list of desserts and I decided to settle for a Veg. Sabzi Biriyani to save place for “Fried Ice Cream”  in my tummy.  Suma ordered a Chicken Shepard Pie which she said was cheesy and yummy!! The quantities for all the food items were sufficient for a meal for two.

The Veg. Sabzi Biriyani was a delight on my tongue. The right amount of spice and well cooked vegetables in the right quantity and combination. I guess the food rating can go little above four this time!

Finally my much awaited Fried Ice Cream arrived. One dig and I just knew what its ingredients were. It was a vanilla scoop layered with a slightly baked crisp pancake batter! Innovative.. my friends later told me it was very famous dish in the western world.  Thanks to Spicez Fusion for bringing that delicacy to namma Mysore!

Suma went classy and ordered a Crème Caramel which had a mild sweet taste which complimented the spicy dinner. While the taste was near perfection a warm layer of caramel would have added to its taste.
Creme Caramel

Other dish ordered was Moong Dal ka Halwa. I helped myself with generous two spoons and it was yuuuummmmmm!

The service was good. We had a waiter who constantly maintained a friendly smile on his face which is a rarity these days!! The food took little time to come to the table. But the perfection with which it arrived made the wait worthwhile. Of course the interesting decors kept us occupied.

The prices were around Rs.150 for the non-vegetarian items and around Rs.120 for the vegetarian dishes. A good meal for two with dessert would range about something close to Rs.400-450.

To sum up our experience I’d quote our friend Robin, who happened to be dining at the same place-“Authentic food! They prepare things like they should be prepared.”

Ratings by the Mysore Foodies:

Food- 4.10 Buuurps

Prices- 3.75 Buuurps

Ambiance- 4.0 Buuurps

Service- 3.75 Buuurps

Our recommendations for the place:  Tom yum soup for those with a taste for fiery food, Sabzi Biriyani and moong dal ka halwa for the dil se desi, Chicken Shepard Pie for the cheese chicken lovers and Fried Ice Cream for the experimenting foodies!!

PS: It makes good place for elegant romantic dinners ;) 

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