January 13, 2011

Authentic Chaats- Jwala!

Cuisine- Punjabi

Location- Sai Krupa Complex, No. 2820, 8th cross Adi Pampa Road, V.V.Mohalla

Jwala is a very well know Punjabi Restaurant in Mysore, equally famous for the food, the service and the very amicable and warm owners Mrs. & Mr. Phokela.  A restaurant that assures you authentic Punjabi Khaana in the heritage city of south India, Mysore.

When we walked into Jwala for a Punjabi meal we got to know that the restaurant remains off on Mondays. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find its much awaited Authentic Chaats wing open. We ended up hogging mouth watering chaats of all kinds and forms-of course everything served with a Punjabi twist. Bhalle papri, soft Bhalles dipped in tangy chutney along with crispy papri is a must try of all those with a taste for chatpata food. The vigilantly trained and innovative chefs make sure they have something new every time you walk in. You will either be greeted with a board of Today’s Specials or you will be informed of a new entry on their menu. 

Something we found interesting here was the Chole Tikki. A splendid mix of the right spices – it is like a party on the plate. The extent to which Jwala goes in ensuring that we like what we eat is clearly understood by the generous serves of different chutneys- spicy or sweet or mint, along with these chaats, to make sure we can customize it as per our tastes.

Mysore houses many Pani puri wallas from thellas to chaat places. We being pani-puri fanatics have tried almost every possible place. But, the fresh mint flavoured pani served with the pani puri at Jwala gets our votes.

It is not just all chaats. There is something to pamper your sweet tooth too! They have Jalebis, Jamuns and the interesting and Yummy Kadai Doodh!!  Kadai Doodh is what we would call the Punjabi version of the Khova of South India. It is a rare find in a place like Mysore which makes it a must try!

Mysore foodies rating out of 5:

Food                      4.0 Buurps  
Tangy, Spicy, Khatta-meetha and Chatpata Mysore foodies think hands    down the taste of food here is unbeatable!

Price                      3.5 Buurps
The chaats at Jwala are priced in the range of Rs.25 which is little higher than standard rates for chaats around Mysore.

Ambiance            4.0 Buurps
Jwala gets brownie points for excellent space utilization.. interiors designed from the memories of Mr.Phokela’s past- the Pinewood from Shimla, Bamboo from Assam, Tent ceiling from his Army bringing up and lanterns from UP gives it a very exquisite look.

Guys take a break from the regular chaat places..visit this place and tell us what you think..  Authentic, hygienic, reasonably priced and tasty... what else can we want?

So.. what we finally have to say for Authetic Chaats Jwala- Oye Chak de Phatte!! 

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