January 20, 2011


Cuisine – Multi- cuisine

Location – Sri Harsha Road, Mysore

Pic Courtesy-Shamitha Raj
A favourite of the tourists in Mysore, a place which defines the diversity of this city- parklane bar and restaurant.  As you walk in to this restaurant, you will notice that it has a range of themes intertwined in it. On one hand there is the rustic, village backdrop, with lanterns, mud walls and paintings representing the rural life, on the other there are benches which one would typically see in an urban park . The sounds from the tabla and the shahnai beautifully play in the background and add to the multifariousness of the place. 

As we settled down at our table which was in a separate chamber, we looked around and mostly found tourists. It was interesting to note that the Indian setting and village theme captures the interests of the tourists so much. We could hardly find Indians! 

The separate chamber gave us our private space but we had difficulties reaching out to the waiters and manager. The music probably made it a tad bit more difficult to throw our voices outside. We had to wait a while before we could place the order. 

The menu here is elaborate with North Indian tandoors, Chinese noodles and American Chopsueys – both vegetarian and non vegetarian.  

We had ordered a vegetarian starter, the crispy vegetable, which arrived first. While I waited for the non vegetarian starter, hunger had gotten the better of me and I couldn’t help eating most of the crispy vegetables! It was a great start. It had just the right amount of crispiness and the taste of the various vegetables was evident. The non – vegetarian starter, kalmi kabab came in after that. The three pieces were fine looking and tasted good; however the outsides were slightly burnt.  It was difficult to enjoy it in the typical way I would.

The main course followed without much delay. Here again, the vegetarian food – the schezwan noodles and American Chopsuey were delightful. Sweet American Chopsuey did justice to the normal standards while, the spicy Schezwan noodles exceeded the expectations of our vegetarian foodie. She gave a big thumbs-up for both items. The non vegetarian kadai chicken with roti was commendable. The kadai chicken, however, could have done with a little less salt in it. However, a couple of lemon squeezes to the chicken made the taste much better!  For all those who swear by dessert to complete a meal, there is a good variety for you  – Ice creams, cakes and shakes.

The rates here are quite modest mostly ranging around Rs. 100 for an item. The quantity for all the items is large enough and the variety is good. A meal for two would cost about Rs250-Rs350.

So at Parklane, what do we recommend?? We recommend a good vegetarian meal with a starter like the crispy vegetables and some tasty noodles for main course.  

Ratings by the Mysore Foodies out of 5:

Food – 3.75 buurps

Price – 3.5 buurps

Ambience – 4 buurps

Parklane is a great place to hang out with a bunch of friends where you can spend a comfortable number of hours.

It is truly meant for those leisure dinners with family and friends when there is a lot of catching up to do! 

What do you have to say about Parklane? Do you love it, hate it or do you choose to ignore it? Tell us! Write to us or post your comments  and rate it below. Your feedback is valuable to us.


  1. I love the ambience at Parklane for a nice lunch. Overlooking the bustle of the city from the terrace and having a nice meal is quite appealing for a lazy afternoon.
    Nice review guys!

  2. I agree with you guys on the menu to be ordered. The continental is not up to the mark. And for the people interested in a drink , they have anything you want in their bar. So no problems there. But then the Indian food needs to be worked at. So for me it is a 3 on the food and place. The only thing that stands out is the ambience which couldn't have been described any better than you guys did. :-D

  3. @Sleepingcow... Thanks for adding value to the review by bringing in another aspect of the restaurant - the alcohol! :D