April 13, 2011

Little Woods!

Location - Opp. Jockey Quarters, Chamundhi Hill Road #1

Cuisine- Multi-Cuisine

“Little woods- A vegetarian bistro” is a new restaurant that is set on the Chamundi Hill Road. Beautiful environs and a homely setting make this place a perfect destination for travellers and locals.  This little place pleasantly surprised us as we noted it gives us four seating options- Roof top, Garden, Road View and closed. 
When it comes to food- the sure shot, near perfect, mouth watering items on their elaborate ten page menu are the South Indian varieties. After having tried all the Dosa options they have- I highly recommend Little Woods Onion Dosa. By my experience so far… I can say it’s the best in town. Also, the Vada Sambhar is something you cannot miss.

While the South Indian varieties are yummy and a must try, the North Indian varieties are reasonably good and the Chinese dishes can be given a skip. But, Little woods has a lot more to offer- appetizing South Indian and North Indian Thali’s  which provide one with sufficient quantity and variety that it’s a good bet for the money they charge for it! They also have different chaats which add more value to their menu. Made with fresh cut vegetables and crispy paparis and puri’s- they make a good evening snack or a side kick with dinner.

When it comes to desserts and drinks- you can choose from the traditional Indian sweets and ice-creams or you may just give desserts a skip and go for different lassies and fruit juices they offer.

The service is good. The waiters are so homely and friendly that you can pleasantly ignore their little mix-ups once in a while.

Overall I would say it is a nice place to loosen up with friends and family on lazy weekends. And, it goes light on your pockets too!

The Mysore Foodies rating

Food – 3.75

Ambience - 3.75

Price – 4.0

Service – 3.5

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