May 21, 2011

Caffe Pascucci!

Location: 2713/1, Adipamapa Road VinayakaNagara, Open from 9am to 11pm all days !

Cuisine: Italian

Hunger hotline: 0821 2511125

Caffe Pasucci  is like a gleaming ray of hope for continental food in Mysore. I went to this place once and I am hooked! Four visits in a week.. Phew! Yet, not sufficient to try all the items on their elaborate menu of over 120 dishes- Pizza, Pastas, Salads, Sandwiches, Paidinas (Wraps) ,.. the list goes on!

If you are a coffee lover- head to this Caffe.. right away because they have like 12 varieties of Expresso including a Decafe , 12 varities of Cappuccino , 7 kinds of hot chocolate and yes.. Brace yourself..5 options for filter coffee. All brewed to perfection by the brew masters trained in Italy and the coffee beans sourced from various countries!

Of course they also serve ice-creams, pastries, pie, soft drinks, fresh juices and different types of tea! I am not yet done with the menu here.. the  thin crust pizzas!  You have to eat it to know it!  This menu is also extensive as they give customer an option to design dishes with picks for the list of their ingredients.

If you are already impressed by the items.. now lets talk about the taste!  If you order pasta, you could expect well garnished, pasta of your choice soaked and served with creamy white or red sauce soft as it would melt in the mouth! A pizza would mean a well baked thin crust- topped with excellent mix of well cooked vegetables and indulgent mozzarella cheese!  While these are delicious.. The smoked chicken pasta with red sauce could be a disappointment!  The cafe options seem like a grand compliment to the meal bonanza. Served with fresh swirled cream and chocolate coated caramel sticks slipped in for added zing!

The fast moving items here are the veg and chicken Lasagne, Chocolate and coffee frappes, BBQ Salads and Apple pies! I personally found the Apple pie amazing but little dry. You might want to order additional Chocolate sauce to compliment it.

All said – the prices here are ahem..high! But the pizzas are well priced around 150 compared to the other famous pizza joints.  A veg meal for two including a starter, pizza, pasta and dessert would cost about 400 while the non-veg meal of the same items would cost about 500-550. If you are hard pressed on time maybe could order their express meal option which gets you a filling mix of various items.. what more it works out  cheaper too! 

So what Mysore Foodies finally say:

Food- 4.00 burrrps!

Ambience -4.00 burrrrps!

Price- 3.00 burps!

Service- 3.75 buurps!

One final word of caution- Italian food demands acquired taste so if you don’t like anything.. give your taste buds some time.

Psst.. It makes a classic hangout destination!


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